church staff

  • Pastor Pat Fitzgerald

    To connect with Pastor Pat, call 408-729-7563, email

    To learn more about Pastor Pat's Christian philosophy go here

    Pastor Pat's Bio is here

  • Donna zimmerman - Parish nurse

    To connect with Donna call 408-729-7563 X 120  

  • Dr david bakken Ed.D - Music Director

    To connect with Dr. Bakken Ed.D call 408-729-7563

  • Jean rinerson  - Bookkeeper

    Serves as bookkeeper for Gloria Dei Lutheran Church

    To connect with Jean call 408-729-7563

  • dan rinerson - financial secretary

    Volunteer position, To contact Dan call 408-729-7563

  • KimberlEy stern

    Office Administrator Office: 408-729-7563 Fax: 408-729-7578

leadership team

The Leadership Team is a a group of people, elected by the members of the congregation, which oversees and directs the administrative aspects of the congregation and supports and encourages the ministry of the pastor and leaders of groups and ministries of the congregation.

Dick Nelson - Team  Leader, Libby Nelson - Secretary, Barbara McCalmet - Treasurer; Team Members  -  Joyce Boddie, David Livesay, Cathy Duncan and Pastor Pat Fitzgerald,

  • Jon Kromrey

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  • Libby Nelson

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  • Barbara Mccalmet

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  • Joyce Boddie

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  • David Livesay

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  • Cathy Duncan

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  • Pat Fitzgerald

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  • Sunday morning service time: 9:30 a.m.


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