health ministry

Donna Zimmerman, RN leads the Health Ministry team and operates formally or informally (depending on what is most effective) during the year to achieve their goals. The team stresses Whole Person Health by addressing Body, Mind and Spirit and is accomplished through Health Sundays (1st Sunday monthly) for Blood Pressure screenings. There is support for phone calls, hospital or home visits as needed to give spiritual or physical support, health education and referrals in addition to a monthly newsletter article and weekly bulletin scriptural reflection articles to coincide with monthly health or safety topics.

Team members help plan health topics for programs, transport members to church or medical appointments when needed, and assist with Health Sundays as needed. The Friendly Visitor sub-team helps in visiting home-bound or hospitalized church members, transporting people to church or other needs. A volunteer Telecare Friendship Ministry keeps in contact with church members provides the current schedule of events, and checks to see if member needs are being met. The Cancer Survivors Support Group—meets monthly to share and pray with those that experience cancer (present or past) or identify with someone who has experienced cancer. Convalescent Hospital Ministries take place every Sunday afternoon at 2:30PM for approximately 40 residents of Life House Convalescent Hospital; and on the 1st and 3rd Thursdays at 10AM for approximately 25 residents of Mt. Pleasant Convalescent Hospital. Those folks are treated to a worship service of music and scripture (with commentary) and the Lord's Prayer.